Friday, July 20, 2012

Links to 2 travel related articles

 I do not normally provide links without my own added commentary, but these 2 articles seem to stand on their own and are directly related to travel, so I am passing them on as is.
How to Survive Travel Day Disasters by Katie MorellxWe’ve all experienced bad travel days. Here are valuable tips for surviving lost luggage and stolen belongings—two of the most common disasters frequent flyers face.
  • Stolen Belongings
  • Lost Luggage
  The Secret to Airport Security Lines by   Mark Henricks  One major cause of security delays is the high volume of passengers that overwhelms checkpoints at certain hours.

Both are useful articles that I recommend you read. I will discuss lost luggage, stolen items, insurance, and such in my own stories as I have suffered them in the past.

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