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A little about me
Taken at Kennedy Space Center launch simulator

Depending on your point of view I have either been blessed or cursed by having gotten to travel quite a lot. In this blog I will share my travel stories, insights, and some useful information.

Now, I am writing science fiction, not fantasy. All technology and science used are directly based on what we know now, and explained in an appendix. Towards this end, I have enlisted the help of an eclectic science advisory team: my wife, Ramit who is a professor of immunology and has 2 degrees in physics and a PhD in Mathematical Biology. Boaz who has 2 degrees in mathematics, and a PhD in Physics (String Theory), and Rita who was a Professor’s assistant / researcher in Ecology, before becoming a Science Fiction author in her own right.

By day I am is a telecom consultant and security expert, frequently lecturing on how to prevent telecom fraud. I have written several articles about telecom management. I have also co-authored RFC-4864 - Local Network Protection for IPv6 and served as a grant reviewer for the US Department of Commerce Broadband Initiatives (BIP) Program and Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP). 

I have taught practical networking at a number of Universities and schools to both undergraduate and graduate students including: NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, Tel-Aviv Jaffa Academic, and Pace University.

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