Friday, May 6, 2016

How about a Cruise Through the Solar System?

I am taking my various travel stories and using them in a Science Fiction novel.

It is entered in the Geek and Sundry Hard Science Fiction contest on Inkshares. The contest ends at 11:00 p.m. PST on May 16th and I am making a big push to get into the top three.

So, can I ask two favors of you?
1. Please consider spending $5 for a copy.  If everyone purchased a copy I’ll make it and get the National Science Academy to help with checking my science is correct.  If the project is not completely funded they will automatically refund your money.
2. Refer my book to a friend, via Facebook, Twitter, email or any way that works for you.  I need all of the help to get so word about my book is out there in order to move up the ranks, and to get this work published. 
 I hope you will consider being part of this effort!

The site is selling the e-book for $10, but if you register and wait for the confirmation it will include $5 in credit (you need to claim the credit before purchasing) so it is at a discount.

To see the promo video, to read the first 3 chapters, or to pre-order click the green button.

Read or Pre-Order Now

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